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Welcome Back Event




5:30 - 6:45 p.m.


JSOM Execuctive Dining Room 1.606

About the Event

We will be hosting the Welcome Back event on Monday, January 23rd. The purpose of this event is threefold. First, it allows students to learn about and join the Real Estate Club at UT Dallas. Secondly, it will enable students to know about professional development events that are coming up. Lastly, the welcome back event provides a relaxed environment to grab food, connect, and win prizes.

We plan to start the event by serving pizza and having the officers spread out at different tables among the attendees to give them more information about the club, answer any questions, and start building a connection with them. We then will transition into the prepared PowerPoint where we will formally introduce the club, what it is and what events are coming up. Then transition into who the officers are with a quick introduction, followed by a raffle drawing. After this, we plan to open the floor up for questions.



Real Estate Club Board


All you need to do is RSVP!

Spots Available:


Special Gift:

Free Pizza & Real Estate Club Merch/Prizes

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